Saturday, September 14, 2019

The House That Curt Demolished - archive from 9/22/08

Dear Curt,

With the closing of Yankee Stadium I was wondering what advice you have for baseball fans around the world. What are we supposed to piss on stumbling around the Bronx at 2am now? Are we supposed to be sad? Also Curt when is ESPN going to devote a whole day of coverage to you? -Johnny in NYC

Dear Timmy,

I thought I smelled something wangy the last time I was in that dump. Yankee Stadium was the home to one of my personal greatest moments. Yep, it was "home to the bloody sock." Thankfully the sock has been kept and is now in a secret bunker in case of a nuclear or chemical attack. The Red Sox also clinched the 2004 ALCS in Yankee stadium, and I remember Curtis Leskanic peed on home plate and then sodomized monument park. I suppose the only way to get a day's worth of coverage is to die, and there are far too many virtual demons and illnesses to slaughter for me to bow out now. Besides, Ill be pitching next year for the Boston Red Sox, just you wait and see. I kind of like the idea of "Farvre-ing" it for the next 10-15 seasons. Hugs, Curt 

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