Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Doctor is Always Right - archive from 10/10/08

Dear Curt,

Am I confused or are you pitching in the ALCS and the World Series THIS YEAR? I swear that's what I read in the globe this morning... Halle in Tampa

"Curt Schilling could have been ready to pitch in the American League Championship Series, according to his surgeon. Dr. Craig Morgan said yesterday that if the Red Sox had followed his advice to operate on Schilling's shoulder last winter, the righthander likely would have been ready for the postseason. "If the [team] would have let me do the surgery in January, he'd probably be pitching in the playoffs now," Morgan said in a telephone interview. Schilling, who turns 42 next month, missed the entire season after having shoulder surgery in June. The Red Sox won the AL wild card without him. Only 3 1/2 months after the operation was performed, Morgan yesterday described Schilling's shoulder as "phenomenal." Morgan wanted to operate last January, then said during spring training that the only way Schilling might have been able to pitch this season would be if he had surgery. Gill recommended rehabilitation and Schilling went along reluctantly because he was obligated under his contract to follow the team's plan." (Boston Globe)

Dear Halle,

It's not quite true. That's not what the article said, it said had the Red Sox listened to Dr. Frankenstein Morgan and let him do another frankensurgery on my shoulder when he said I should, I'd be firing 98 mph fastballs at Johnny Gomes' head tomorrow. But, because they listened to "sound medical advice" they thought I could rehab and face the Royals in June. It turns out that my Frankendoctor was right and there's was too conservative/stupid to do the surgery. So now, we have to sit and watch Dice K walk guys, Beckett clutch his side and Wakes float that "thing" up there and pray to Jesus it flutters. Otherwise, it's going to be a long series, or a short one, I guess. Honestly, I have been 24/7 in my home hyperbaric chamber and could probably pitch in the world series, if the Pansy Red Sox doctors will let me. Dr. Morgan has also said he could surgically replace my shoulder with a shoulder from a corpse and I could pitch tomorrow. So, I'm muling my options. Yours in stiches, -Curt 

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