Monday, September 16, 2019

The Cousin - archive from 9/23/08

Dear Curt,

Come on, you have to tell me who you are! You have to be a relative of Curt's, like me. Only someone who knew him well could be so right on. I'll bet you know me. Come on, you have to tell me who you are! Anyway, Crut (Freudian Typo), bugs the hell out of me to the point that all I can do is rant about him. You have done the coolest thing here--made me laugh at the expense of that BLOWHARD who can THROW HARD.
OMG, please, tell me who you are and how I can help with your site! I can write, I can edit/proof. Sadly, I have no dough, or I'd help you pay for hosting.

Sorry for the ALL CAPs bits, but you have made my day!

Dear Karen,

I'm not understanding your question entirely, but I'll address some of it.
1. I am me, and I do realize I'm a blowhard who can throw hard - You pretty much nailed me there!
2. I'm sorry I bug you, but you may have a learning disability, if this is the case, drop me a line and I'll be sure to start a charity with a catchy name to help you and your people.
3. While we always appreciate help with the site, we are actually fully staffed with rooms full of web editors, html readers, webmasters and web associates. I don't really get what each one does, but it must be necessary. We had to lay some people off at 38 due to a tight economy (thanks Demoncrats in Congress). I found some nerds at MIT who'll work for free. Shonda gives them donuts and baths, I give them free time to WoW. But no f@*king spamming.
4. Don't worry about the money, The Red Sox pay me well, I'm pretty all set with the cashish.
5. I bug the hell out of you? Well, If I can rid your soul of Satan, I must be doing something right!
6. Hilarious? No, very, very, very serious.

Good luck with all your confusion. -C 

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