Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Shakey Wakey - achive from 10/14/08

Dear Curt,

I feel like this series is done Curt. The Rays are just a better team. They're hungrier. Infielders get after the ball, good pitching. The next will be the Red Sox 25th ALCS game in the last 5 years. Is it time to pass the torch? Am I a pussy? -Fat Lady, Weymouth


"The Rays?" Are we talking about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays here or the 1927 Yankees? Is Longoria Gherig? BJ Upton Babe Ruth? Just a year ago, hell 16 months ago, these retreads and AAAA players were already making offseason plans...now you think the series is over? The Red Sox are champions, and champions rebound. You are indeed a pussy. The Rays, are throwing a guy tonight who throws about 86 mph, which I could do three days after my surgery. The Sox are going with Wakes, who I know can strike some fear in the hearts of Sox fans everywhere. But hear me out, Shakey Wakey will be solid, and go 7-8 innings and the Sox will win the next three straight. Then they'll go and kick the snot out of Philly, and it will be Duck Boats and champagne for the Hub again. Hang in there, hit the bible, vote Republican and all will be well. Go Sox -Curt 

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