Saturday, September 14, 2019

Pullin' for Palin -archive from 9/4/08

Dear Curt,

Last night I was watching Governor Palin speak at the RNC. She was great and was really focusing on some important issues. By the end I looked down and I had manhood in my hand. Is this bad Curt? Is something I should expect more of if she's elected V.P.? I don't want to go blind. -David

Dear David,

See, this is a good red blooded American thing to do. No wide stances in bathroom stalls, or shemale pursuit, just a normal, red state American getting excited to see a sexy, smart lady talking about politics. WHEN Sarah is Vice President, I think sales of Lubriderm and tissue will go through the roof (note to self: contact investment guy). Look, masturbation is not a sin, and even if it is... as long as you seek forgiveness right after words, Jesus will forgive you, trust me. Frankly David, I think a lot of Americans will be "Pulling for Palin", especially as we invade Pakistan, Iran and possibly France when John wins. War+Hot Chicks=serious happy fun alone time for good Republican men. Mix in some raw steaks and 24 hour Fox News war coverage and you have a slice of heaven right here on earth. That's why this GOP'er stands FIRMly behind, under, on top of Sarah Palin and John McCain. War and Sex cannot be beat.


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