Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Like Curt, Biden Bleeds in St. Louis - archive from 10/3/08

Dear Curt,

I am so sick of reading about your politics. The crisp night air, the Sox chasing another one, and all you care about is the stupid election. Can you please, please blog about baseball again? - Hayden in DC

Dearest Hayden,

I agree completely. But did you see the Veep debate last night? Sarah reduced Biden to tears. It was a blood bath in St. Louis, just like when my sock was bloody for the second time in St. Louis in 2004 (see bloody sock part deux). As soon as she went all "energy plan" on his tired old ass, he broke down like a wailing Indian lady on a documentary on the History channel. It was GAME ON when she said "Drill Baby Drill." That will be the one liner that defines the election. If we don't start drilling everywhere, we'll run out of oil and have to go to the land of the Sheiks with our hands out again. I thought it was cool how Governor Palin just smiled and stayed ON TOPIC when Biden broked down. She smiled and started right in on Clean Coal. Gotta love that, no mercy...tears are for the weak, and Biden and Osama are definitely that. The tide has turned, the momentum shifted...I expect to see Barack begging for the end in next few weeks. Hayden, I'm not sure when you turned legal but I assume it's ok to talk to you on-line now. You're like 20, right? Shonda just took the kids to Applebees and then the shooting range so daddy can "work" on 38. Daddy needs some private time with you as his desktop background. Thanks hero. -Curt 

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