Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Curt's Return - archive from 10/9/08

Dear Curt,

I got the excellent news that you are considering comeing back to the Red Sox for another season, or half a season anyway. Have you bounced this off John Henry or Theo yet? Thanks, -Nicollette in Malibu

Dear Nicollette,

Talk to Theo? John Henry? Really? Like what, they have enough pitching? Really, kind of funny to see a guy named Nutsack, or Hanjob pitching in an actual Major league baseball game. Though, if the Yankees were closer and that game meant something who would have pitched? Javier Lopez? Or that one eyed pitcher from Pawtucket? Get real. When you have the option of filet mignon, why would you order a grilled cheese? I mean you wouldn't, unless you didn't have the 20 bucks to get one, and we all know that Mr. Henry has some seriously deep pockets. Theo? Well, seeing that Theo pops over to my house for Thanksgiving dinner once in a while, I think I have 'Lil Einstein wrapped around my pinky finger. (Not the one on my pitching arm - injury possibility). So yeah, I think the Red Sox will drool over the notion of having me back, especially when they are working on back to back to back! -Curt 

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