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Curt's New Rules For Beach Volleyball, archived August 18, 2008

I've been watching A LOT of women's beach volley ball this Olympics. After each point, the women high-five and hug. This is great but is there any way we could petition the IOC, change the rules and have the women to make-out after each point? In the spirit of the games, this would make for a more competitive match. What do you think?

-Ellen in Burbank
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Dear Ellen,

Two weeks ago, I'd have called you a pervert and handed your IP address over to the authorities, but seeing that President Bush thinks it's okay to play a little grab ass with the Beach Volleyball gals, it must be okay in God's eyes. You see the Catholics have the Pope as a communicator with God, we have W. He has a direct pipeline to Heaven and if God says it's fine, well, it's fine. Plus, we guys need an outlet...I just read this about Tek:
"I have a friend who Varitek tried to pick up a few years ago, despite the fact she was on a date with her future husband. Sometime after that encounter she saw Varitek's wife on TV and realized they looked alike. Seems Tek used the Roger Clemens MO of dating women who looked like his wife so people who just glanced at the couple would think that indeed was his spouse."
Hear me out, I think this is fine. If the chick looks exactly like your wife it's not even cheating........
(20 minutes pass)
Shonda was reading over my shoulder, so we've had a "discussion" about what I wrote and Shonda disagrees. As a result of her opinion and my "thinking about something before spouting it" I think it's wrong to cheat on your wife, even if the chick ooks exactly like her or is even her sister. Furthermore, beach volleyball is a good sport, but they should cover up a little better. I gotta go, the lawn isn't going to mow itself.
-CurtImage result for dori

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