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Curt vs. The Freedom Hating NY Pansies - archive from 9/15/08

Dear Curt,

It finally hit me. Your problem. It's a common malady, suffered by many New Englanders, especially members of the Commonwealth. It's called New York envy.

It's been going on for more than 200 years, this jealousy. Ever since New York became the center of the universe, the heart of fashion, the capital of the financial world. Boston? Well it's still the capital of Massachusetts. And home to some great American history.

Look I know you were born in Arkansas and grew up in Arizona, but admit it, you've always fancied yourself a Yankee killer.
So Big Mouth, guess you felt the need to lash out, to say the Yankees "suck" this year and call out Yankee fans. And even worse, New York fans.

History Lesson
Curt, maybe it's time for a history lesson. Granted, it's been a bad year for the Yankees, we'll give you that. Nobody makes the playoffs every year.

You claim to have been there at the end of the Yankee dynasty. Which one? After all they Yankees have won 26 World Series. They have had many dynasties. More than any other team in any other sport as a matter of fact. Oh, I suppose you were there in 2001 when Arizona beat the Yankees in seven.I remember now, you were the guy who gave up the tie-breaking home run to Alfonso Soriano in the eighth inning, and would have been the losing pitcher if not for a Luis Gonzalez single in the ninth that still hasn't reached the outfield grass, yeah, you pitched heroically in the "Bloody Sock" game in 2004, when the Red Sox rallied from a 3-0 deficit to win the pennant from the Yanks and go on to their first championship in 86 years. Of course, part of the reason your team was in a 3-0 hole to begin with was your rather lame effort in Game One of that ALCS. In case you forgot, your line that night was six runs in three innings, loser in a 10-7 Yankee win...

For a self-proclaimed dynasty slayer and Yankee killer, your all-time record against the Bombers ain't that good either. How does 7-8, 4.71 ERA and just two wins in Yankee Stadium sound? Not very impressive. Hall of Fame? Not and not exactly Hall of Fame creds either, Mr. Blowhard. Outside of Sandy Koufax and Dizzy Dean, very few starting pitchers have ever gone into the Hall with 216 wins. Nice try though.

Finally Curt, who anointed you a football expert. I haven't met a single fan — Jets, New York or otherwise — who was happy to see Tom Brady go down. So no, New York is not rejoicing over Brady's injury. After all, the Patriots couldn't have gone 18-1 and the lost the Super Bowl to the Giants without him. You know the Giants, Curt. They're a New York team. Your friend in blogging,

Rick, sportslicker

Dearest Rick,

I know very little about history, but I love to write about it anyway. First of all, weren't all the sushi eating, latte' drinking "fancy boys" in NYC backing the British in the revolutionary war, while the New Englanders were kicking ass and creating a little word I like to call FREEDOM? Oh, right, you're a New Yorker, so you are most likely against freedom and justice. Anyone against freedom is against God, and against the Boston Red Sox, America and Freedom. If you're against those things, I can't even dignify your little question with a real response. I will say this, in the Curt Schilling era in Boston the Red Sox have won two World Series and the Yankees have won Madonna, a blind Governor (ironic), a retarded child owner and a new toilet stadium to call home, complete with Red Sox voodoo curses and paraphernalia.

One last thought:
I was born in Alaska not Arkansas, don't you have Wikipedia in that shithole of a town or are you too busy pressing Hillary's pants suit and watching Obama Babies on Youtube? Grow some nuts and get ready to watch the Sox in October from your sushi bar-Curt

Hey Curt,

Appreciate your note. Sure, we all remember Lexington and Concord and Paul Revere and the Minutemen. The Commonwealth fired off the first shots. But when it came to the heavy lifting, i.e. turning around the Revolutionary War, think Battle of Saratoga (last time I checked, that was in New York State).

We love freedom and God here in New York; we don’t like Red Sox Nation and the notion that two World Series wins in 90 years is a dynasty. And as far as ballparks go, the new Yankee Stadium will set the standard by which all future ballparks are judged, just as the original Stadium did.

Fenway eh. It’s time for a new playing field in Boston. Look, the Model T was a nice automobile for its time — but that time is long gone.

Here’s my question: Whaddya say to that?


Saratoga is in New York, but the New Yorkers were busy primping for balls(pun?) and dances with the Tories. Come on, boss, those were George Washington’s men fighting in Saratoga, Certainly not any NY pansies like Arod and Jeter, they would have been chasing Tory tail, not getting down in the mud with the British occupiers.
But, while some look to 38pitches for inspiration, I answer the *real* questions here.

Rick, I highly suggest you look at the site before you try to rile me up even more. If I can strike ARod out with one good leg, imagine what I can do to a blogger with one good arm. It ain’t pretty.

Gotta go, I promised Shonda I’d make dinner AND file down her bunyons before 5:00.


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