Saturday, September 14, 2019

Curt Poles America For Palin -archive from 9/19/08

Dear Curt,

It looks like current presidential polls have Obama leading again. Isn't it enough we put a pretty face out there? What are we going to do now, actually have Palin talk to another reporter? A presser? Curt this won't accomplish anything. Can she give America a lap dance? A happy ending?

-Tina in RC

Dear Tina,

Yeah, I've seen the latest polls, but those are the same polls that had an orange John Kerry winning in 2004 by 7 points? Look, I'm no racist. Some of my best friends are a variety of colors, creeds and sexual orientation...No, actually none of my friends are sexually oriented for gay-ness come to think of it. Anyway, I have a feeling that Obama's color will tip the scales on Election Day. It shouldn't. What should tip the scales is his tax plan, his name, his terrorist upbringing and his lack of being tortured in Vietnam. If you can live through getting bamboo shoved into your pee-hole for 6 years, I think you can handle a board meeting here and there. Obama was sucking his thumb while John was sucking the end of an AK47 in a rat infested hole. I think we can all clearly see who's ready to lead this country. As a side note, a pole dance from Palin sure wouldn’t hurt matters any. -Curt 

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