Monday, September 16, 2019

A Jihad of a Debate - archive from 9/27/08

Dear Curt,

I saw the debate last night and most of the pundits called it "even" and I was wondering what you thought of it. -Jim in Mississippi

Dear Jim,

I think it was clear from the debate that John mopped the floor with Obama. Obama looked nervous, scared and like a jihadist terrorist about to get waterboarded while John came off like the superhero patriot that he is. He let the country know that Obama isn't ready to lead by telling us that Obama doesn't understand anything about foreign policy, taxes, politics or America. The pundits have an agenda and that agenda is to get a terrorist elected to higher office, so their news ratings go up. What I got out of the debate is that Obama is going to surrender in Iraq, Afghanistan and France. The liberal surrender monkeys in the media would like nothing better than Obama to get in office so they have lots of juicy stories to follow rather than the sound leadership and invading capabilities that John would bring.
So my assessment is that John and America had a big win last night, and Obama is home crying in his Terrorist Tea with his Burka wearing wife. -Curt 

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