Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Bitter Sweet Day on 9/11's 7th - archive from 9/11/08

Dear Curt,

After the 7th Anniversary of 9/11, I was wondering what thoughts you had on the state of America today. 7th anniversaries are supposed to be sweet but this one didn't feel like it at all. Is there ever going to be a curb on people using 9/11 to get what they want? Are politicians ever going to stop using their children's military service to get elected? I thought eventually after that horrible day Amercia would become an even better place to live. But now I'm not so sure...Also Curt, will President Bush ever say he's sorry for letting this happen on his watch? Curt what am I supposed to do?

-Bill in Galveston
Dear Bill,

What in the name of all that's good in this world are you talking about? If it weren't President Bush's quick response to 9/11 your wife would be wearing a Burkha and you'd be bowing to allah by now. I'm sick of Unamerican ungreats like you and Obama Hussein BinLaden Barack talking about a failed policy. The policy worked. The war wasn't perfect: Newsflash - none of them are. The Commander in Chief started wars in the two most dangerous threats to our way of life. The Taliban in Afghanistan and the Husseins in Iraq. Come on, do you really think that moustached jerkoff wasn't hiding a WMD someplace? I'm sure we either haven't found them or they all blew up during Shock and Awe, which was shocking and awesome and aptly named - thanks again, President Bush. Bill, is Galveston in Poland or something? Because no American would speak out against our leader in this time of war, it's brutally Unamerican and why that lily livered fag John Kerry lost in 2004. We need strong leadership, like Bush and McCain and Palin, all of whom have war experience. Bush was a Nat. Guard hero, Palin loves guns and John - we all know about his sacrifices for our country. Anyone who has been tortured in war is the perfect person to carry out foreign policy initiatives - duh. Bill, wherever Galveston is, be sure and remember that it’s safer there tomorrow because President Bush and McCain handled the Husseins of today. God Bless America.
Bill, get a clue.


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