Thursday, August 10, 2017

North Korea is Likely Full of Liberals

Kurt, Does Trump want to bomb North Korea because liberals live in northern places? Did you know there is a South Korea too? That's confusing...-Deirdre, Dartmouth

Dear Deirdre,
North Korea is like if China did a bunch of coke. South Korea is cool because they aren't Commie pigs. All Commies are like liberals only worse. The more liberal you are, the more likely you are a dirty Communist.  It's a coincidence that North Korea and the Northeast part of the USA are both filled with Commies, Liberals and Feminazis like Elizabeth Warren. She took a pledge to Mao, Stalin and Bernie Sanders to destroy America by being Libtard Commies and providing high taxes so the homeless get mansions and hard working people lose their houses. That's how Democrats are wired.

I am pretty much a geopolitical genius because I used to be able to throw a baseball hard.


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