Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Is Trump So Insecure?

Why is the President tweeting about Hillary Clinton? Is he insecure? -Rick, Springfield

Insecure? He's the leader of the free world, has perfect hair, a winter tan and a beautiful smile. He is the definition of a winner and the only person who's done better is Tommy Ballgame. If 45 is upset about anything, it's that he doesn't have Tommy's ability to be great instead of just Tweeting at 5 am about why the media is lying that he isn't. He does have Hillrod right where Russians want her though, wandering in the woods with her pedophile hubby

When Trump can score 25 points in 40 seconds while a billion people watch, then he's got it all. Until then, he's just a rich guy who hates everything. -C