Monday, April 24, 2017

Joanie Loves Oxy

Since Joanie died from drugs (liberal's fault, they love drugs), will Scott Baio be able to devote his time to helping Trump with reelection? -Ralph, WI

Dear Malph,
Joanie's death is like a window into Hollywood. Get famous, get drugs, die in a hotel in Indiana.  Baio got famous, got drugs, GOT JESUS and never goes to Indiana. Chachi, nugent, kid rock...all the biggest, a-listers are firmly behind the Donald.

I am thinking Baio replaces Spicer soon. With his command of the language, all around good looks and that bandana tied around his pant leg, he's making child stars great again.  He's what America needs.


STONED (1980) Scott Baio and his stoner pal laughing * After School Special *

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