Monday, March 6, 2017


Dear Curt, 
Has it occurred to anyone that Jeff Sessions met with the Russians to thank them for fighting the Afghans in Rambo III? Why are Democrats so illiterate? -John, front of bus

Dear John,
Sessions and the other members of Team Trump were just doing some work before they were hired. Did they bill the USA for their conversations with the Russians? No.  Don't we want to be talking to the Russians? Are we supposed to pretend they aren't there?  I just don't get what the problem is here. The cabinet members were being proactive and reached out to a country in advance to make sure they could hit the ground running on day 1.

Russia is helping us get all the oil we can out of Syria and they have an awesome method of moving into land they want. I hear Donald has his sights set on Nova Scotia and thinks the Crimea move was a great move. He says he and Vlad may just be playing a live version of RISK, and so he's going to make some moves. Maybe invade Chicago and then when Canada isn't paying attention and we have all the troops up there, we can invade.
Either way, it is Trump's country and his staff should be able to do what they want and need to do in his good name. Whether they do that before, after or during the election doesn't matter!  

XOXOXOXOX from Trumpistan,

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