Tuesday, March 7, 2017

President Trump is "Not" a Russian Spy

Is Trump a Russian spy? -Chuck

Even if he is, what's the big deal? We're friends now, after all!  And, I'm pretty sure our government is supposed to be transparent. Is anyone really a spy anymore?  I think that Trump may just wipe out all the intelligence departments of the government. Do we really need the CIA or FBI anymore? We can just wikidump our "confidential" documents. Who are they going to hurt?  Seriously, if Donald hands out the nuclear codes to Russia, is that such a big deal?  What are they going to do, launch an attack at themselves? 
All these liberals are hilarious. The Obamas secretly wiretappe Donald, just like Nixon, and then they cry foul when Trump makes an ally out of an enemy by giving them some "secrets." Aren't they the terrorists and Donald the hero transparent record sharer? I think that decision is clear as day... -Curt

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