Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Out Like Flynn

Dear Curt,
How can Trump allow Michael Flynn to resign after he lied about Russia? Trump invented that. If Flynn isn’t stealing from the truth and giving it to the alt-right by re-tweeting fake Hillary news, how will we know what’s really real?

PS. Congrats on inspiring UCONN to 100 with your greatest.  –Ron 
Dear Ron,
Just because Flynny and the Donald love Russia, doesn't make lying about Russia okay. Unless Trump does it, but that's okay because he's the president and you know, secret diplomacy and all that.  Spicey and Kellyanne will keep you informed.You also have Breitbart and the POTUS twitter feed, so there are fair, independent news sources all around us to find the truths.  Trump has an endgame with Russia, I'm just not sure exactly what it is. And that's okay! Why should every move be in the media?  By pretending to like Russia, maybe that gives us a leg up on someone else. (China, Canada?) Anyway - we have to stop the lying media from reporting about the president.  They will expose all his brilliant plans that he keeps to himself so the terrorists don't win.  Hello? What kind of attack is better, the one we advertise for months before it happens or a sneaky, surprise attack that nobody sees coming? I rest my case. 

Women's basketball is like watching JV high school, but Geno has some good guys there at UCONN getting it done day in and day out. I'm not sure which bathroom they use though.

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