Friday, January 27, 2017

We Have The Best Pipelines

I took a bunch of peyote and a shaman (or a bum) told me the Keystone XL is going to be Yuuge and Amazing. This is true, right? I don't want any ghost spirit curses this weekend. -Skip

Dear Dumbass,
Well how the hell else are we going to move the oil? Of course it will be alright - they are making it out of US steel.
You know, we won the stinking land and the wars against the Indians like 100 years ago or something.  We completely exterminated the race, and all that is left are MID (Mexicans in Disguise) pretending to be Indians.  Then there are some LID's (Liberals in Disguise) Like that disgusting Lezzie Warren.  She's no more Indian than my lily white, and quite large, ass-Curt

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