Sunday, January 8, 2017

Megyn Kelly Coming to NBC

Dear Curt, 
Since Megyn Kelly and Trump both work for NBC now, will they be using the breakroom at different times? Will he be allowed to grab her ho-ha? What does Anne mean when she says 14! ? -Cliff, Brooklyn

Dear Cliff, 
I won't be answering any questions about Trump until he's president and I'm an ambassador. I just assumed 14 was in reference to HOF'er Jim Rice. I had no idea it has something to do with white supremacy.  I mean, let's face it Yaz was better than Rice even though he didn't have the same physical tools.  So when people tweeted back "88", another apparently racist number, I just assume they were referencing Yaz's #8 as being twice as good as Rice's.  Also, I'll tell you what's racist - keeping Dwight Evans out of the HOF and for that Matter Curt Schilling.  Lesser pitchers are making the hall even though Curt pitched through the bloody sock, the skin cancer, the Shonda Wife - who demanded a lot of Curt's attention and energy.  For instance, before Shonda, Curt spent his Sundays recovering from hangovers, playing video games and nailing obese hookers. After Shonda, no more booze, fun and a lot of time in Church with the church people.  Did Babe Ruth make it to the hall because he was a saint or because he guzzled booze and nailed hookers?  

You decide.


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