Monday, January 2, 2017

Another Selfish Native Land Grab

Dear Curt, 
How can Hussein use the Antiquities Act to create national parks? We should be building much needed high-end housing developments in crowded Utah. This is Native land and they'd happily let us borrow it. Natives are just taking away lower-middle class jobs and Donald needs to get credit for these. How much land do Natives need? All they do is steal from us. -Constance, Northampton

Dear Constance,
Don't worry about Hussein Obama, his days in office are numbered. All he's doing, the Donald will undo.  Native land is our land.  We beat them fair and square and what we didn't take, we made fair trade for.  Indians have always been after us.  Whether it was stealing our women, attacking John Wayne, turning Marlon Brando into a pussy or by trying to defeat freedom by fighting for land that rightfully belongs to real Americans.  If we can't go through Indian land with our Frackmaster 3000 drills, we may end up poisoning real Americans, and does anyone want to be poisoned?  So the selfish Indians and short sighted Obama are in their last days and very soon we will dip our fracking sticks wherever we need to to keep that black gold flowing.  America is about to change and those bully Indians, and all their long haired, patchouli wearing pansy protestor pals won't be greeted with water cannons, they will be greeted with the real thing when we Maga! -Curt

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