Sunday, December 4, 2016

Who Will America Nuke First?

After Goldman Sachs gives the okay, who will Trump nuke first? -Excited in Tampa

Dear Excited,
Well, it was looking like Iran, or Iraq (does it really matter which?) but since he's already moved us to DEFCON 4 by humiliating the Chinese, *Curt's money is on China.
Plus, you get more kills per bomb given how many Chinamen there are over there. The gum ball machine mini toy market will take a hit, but we'll barely notice other than that. -Curt

*Curt has no actual money due to Amular.
Watch our friend Lloyd Blankfein at the 2:15 mark; anything but perfection is just subprime. The American Middle Class thanks you Goldman Sachs for all your help loaning us a #maga depression in 2009. DJT will do whatever you say.

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