Thursday, December 1, 2016

((Rudolph)) is a Wussy Liberal

Isn't Rudolph just a soft LIBERAL? Who blames their nose for all their problems? ((Jews))? -Kris, Germany

All people of differing abilities are welcome in Trump's America. However, those without perfect hair, skin and teeth (we'll call them Melanian) should be identified and registered. They may even need to be temporarily displaced for a few new Trump hotels and golf resorts, luckily America has a robust train industry and everyone loves camping or ((camps)). 

As for Rudolph, yes he is a giant wussy liberal. He needs to learn how to play games with the other deers or do whatever the fu(k Santa says because, Santa, like Jesus and the GOP, sees and understands the common American. We've all been in Rudolf's position and had to fit in. Sure he could be an individual but that's pussy bull. Looking and sounding perfect is the new reindeer game, or risk be laughed at and called names by the Donald. I love America!

Just look at these two great populists getting their hands dirty trying to solve the problems of regular working class Americans. God Bless them.

*Footnote, according to my well-informed sources in the Reddit community, Sam the Snowman named names to the HUAC, like a good red-blooded American. Thank you for the heads-up masinmancy!

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