Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Rick Perry and the UnGreen Mile

With Rick Perry in charge of the Dept. of Energy, will he divert more current to electric chairs in Texas prisons? -Tom, Austin

Dear Tim,
I am pretty sure Rick knows more about diverting electricity to chairs better than anyone anywhere. Old, young, mentally disabled... never mattered to Rick. You  ever rob a gum ball machine? Well not in Texas since RP juiced an 11 year old orphan. See: Tough on crime. If you kill the criminals, guess what? The crime stops. Plus he learned from dear friend W. He was in Lt. Governor before W saved the Country as President. Both share a keen intellect, excellent judgment and we're cheerleaders in College.

Go team America! RP is going to energize the hell out of us! Excited! -Curt

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