Sunday, December 11, 2016

Red Don

Dear Curt,
Curt, The Russians are not coming, they came. 1st when they invaded in the 80s and Swayze/Sheen saved us and then this summer. They stopped Hillary from winning. Donald should give them the Olympics back. Shouldn't we be thanking them? -Boris, St. Petersberg(FL)

Dear Boris,
Putin is a superstar. He's pretty much been president since Stain Head left and singlehandedly ended communism. I guess Reagan gets an assist.

History fact: Sheen/Swayze defeated the brown commies from Mexico.

We can learn some lessons from those Ruskies. Unlike the oil blocking Natives getting free government showers in "Whichever Dakota", Vlad sees what he wants and he takes it.  I mean, aside from the colored Easter egg industry, what else does The Ukraine really have? (Young hookers too).
So let's open the door to diplomacy with the Russians and welcome Vlad with open arms. -Curt

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