Friday, December 2, 2016

Rachel Maddow Hates America

Dear Curt,
Did you happen to see Rachel Maddow viciously attack you on her communist news show last night-Connie in Scituate

Dear Connie,
Unless I am looking for the latest trends in lesbian, liberal lies, why would I watch that steaming pile of crap that MSNBC trouts out every night.  First off, does that broad own another blazer? She wears the same damned thing every day.  Rachel, you're a woman, show some cleavage once in a while and let that buzz cut grow out a little. Secondly, her show is downright un-American.  Now that her one true love, Fidel Castro has passed away, where will she look for pleasure. Oh wait, I know, the old lesbian in the cupboard, Lezzie Warren.  Sure she's not out of the closet - but come on - the liberal values, the short hair, the being from Massachusetts...Total dyke. 
So no, I didn't watch that trash, Curt watched Hannity on one screen and Alex Jones on the other, as I browsed Breitbart and Drudge on my laptop - like a real American does. -Curt   

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