Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Clinton Never Stood Up To China

Dear Curt,
If Trump decides to order up a Chinese war, will it be delivered or can we go and pick it up? I don't wanna pay no tariff or tip.  I know there are a lot of them people but they are small.

This all has to do with Killary using innocent children as pizza toppings, right? She forced the Chinese to embarrass President Trump and he's just defending us with his phone. 

I know this is true because even GOD says fake news is wrong. -Donna, Lemonska 

Dear Donna,
Now Curt is hungry!  But not hungry for little boys like Jon "The Molesta" Podesta.  Yeah once little Jimmy hits 12, Podesta's Pizza Porn Palace turns him into spicy sausage.

Have you ever heard of divide and conquer? By hitting Taiwan up, Trump is driving a wedge in China's massive country. Trump knows that to make America Great Again: It should be much bigger than China. When he declares me the Prince of Massachusetts, I plan on invading New England and the tri-state area.  I can't wait to nuke Rhode Island and turn it into a giant beach for my colony!  They will pay (again) for the *Amular disgrace.
*Idea: Name my colony Amular! -Curt

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