Wednesday, November 9, 2016

To Begin Again...

Dear Curt,
I can’t believe we won. It’s time to make America great again.  King Donald is going to president the hell out of America.  Now we know all lives matter, guns are good and pussies are for grabbing.  How can I contribute to your campaign to beat that other dingbat running against you?  She may have a PhD, but she never pitched a world series game on one foot. (Checking google…no, she hasn’t!).  It’s pretty obvious that throwing a high nineties fastball and a nasty splitter is what Massachusetts needs right now.  We kicked the British to the curb, so crushing some loud mouthed broad will be a slam dunk for us.  They say white people rage is what won the election for King Donald, and I think you have a lot of that bubbling up inside you and it is dying to come out all over Elizabeth’s ugly professor face.  Her words are scary because she wants to kill white babies, by ripping them from the womb.  I’m no doctor, but that’s straight up murder. She also wants to pay gay, Muslim transtesticles more than white men who are far more qualified and white than "those people."
White might is right, and Curt, you are the whitest guy I’ve ever seen. I know you can’t go out in daylight much (Just like Rudy Giuliani!) because your fair skin will get all cancer-y.  I think Lezzie Warren sits in the satanic hell sun and fantasizes about taking my red, white and blue guns.  She will have to pry them from my cold, dead, white fingers.

Just a concerned voter here, hoping you are running and wondering if I send the check to your video game company or to you directly?

Krazy Koncerned Kitizen, Tommy in Malden

Dear Tommy,
I can take your money and turn it into political capital right away. We are going to take the ass out of Mass and keep the babies inside the wombs.  Warren is a lightweight, and I could KKK her easily with my secondary pitches.  Yes, the sun gave me cancer, but I beat it so I could fix the Commonwealth for the people. Attorney General Giuliani is going to lock up all the criminals…the liberals and brown people.  Once all those d-bags are locked up, they can’t vote against me.  I plan on running a “More Trump than Trump” campaign.  You’ll see, we’ll make Mchussets great again.  (See, I have already taken the ASS out!!!) When I’m done, Mchusetts will be more Louisiana than Louisiana and Arkansas combined.  That’s my promise to you, Mchusetts voters. No dead babies and enough guns for all (including all the unwanted babies).  Also, that’s a great economic plan.




  1. Replies
    1. 100% anger. Anger is fueling the "Make America Great Again" and "Take the Ass out of Mass" movements you libtard pussy waste.

  2. please refrain from personal attacks on this site, civility is the cornerstone on domestic politics

  3. Personal attacks are like...what I do. Don't deny Curt his inner essence. That's like stealing a man''s soul. Anger and hatred are exactly what is making America great again while simultaneously draining the swamp and using that swamp water to grow crops in the desert. See, Curt is dialed in.

  4. Please refrain from expressing personal political beliefs here as you may make others in the forum uncomfortable. Further abuse will cause you to be stripped of site access.