Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Indians Took Everything From Us, Thx Lezzy Warren

How dare this nasty buffalo jockey lesbian casino building woman build a coalition in the Democratic PartyI think she might even be secret ((jew)). Doesn't she recognize Donald's mandate with American people? 

Dear Anonymous,
The only thing the Democrats will be building is the wall. (Apparently the dirty Mexicans won't do it - too lazy). You won't have to worry about Warren for long, because me and the Alt-Right voters will trounce her.  I know the polls aren't looking great for me yet, but I seem to remember they weren't looking good for President Trump and look where he is (Trump Tower)Pocahontas represents a shameful American past. I mean look at the Indian thing in North, or South Dakota (Not sure).  Some Americans are trying to make oil prices cheaper with this pipeline, something that will only help the American workers and these Native UNAMERICANS are blocking it.  The Indians took everything from us. Our beads for Manhattan and now a stance against a pipeline? Lest we not forget how they destroyed Donald's Atlantic City with their ILLEGAL Casinos in Connecticut. Also, where are the feathers and mocs? These aren't the Indians we grew up with, with their laws and white man ways.  I thought they are supposed to commune with nature, not block it from bringing oil to the masses.
You might be right, Lezzy Warren may be a secret Jew. We probably want to come up with a system where we mark the Jews and Muslims so we know what's what. I'm thinking a tattoo of some sort?  Just a thought. -Curt  
Just look at the free water these lazy Indian protesters are getting on our dime!
Here's your homework kids, study this new #MAGA 'MERICA map for next time.

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