Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Russia is Very White and Red, Like Curt

Was wondering your personal preference to strong computer log-in security of your Motherland on laptop email. Is dis something Senator Schilling does? If so could please be kind as to post password/username for example. In secret office where I work, Putin cuts off thumbs even if we email meme to secretary. Sorry for my poor englash, I am just American Rustbelt cowboy, thank you for secrets. - Спасибо, Springfield

Dear Mr Springfield, 
Grammar is no big deal, it's just a liberal tool to keep common folks like us down. I'm a tech guy, like Elon Musk and Bill Gates so I am 100% safe with my password. I use a 43 bit encryption key and super good passwords like "Godhatesfags1!" See how I used capital letters and a special character? That's safety. I learned to be safe when I was creating my ground breaking game Kingdoms of Amular:Reckoning. I mean don't you think the World of Warcraft people tried to get a sneak peak at a shallow imitation of their game? I'm no dummy, so I invested a lot of time and taxpayer money to keep it secret and it worked. Liberals got hacked because they are soft on security
I'm sick of the Russia hating. It's a very white country, with strong leadership and a deeply troubling human rights agenda, especially when it comes to gays. 
Hack away hackers. Wikileaks is still exposing Hillary's sinister emails. Julian Assange is simply a great American Patriot! Just like you! -Curt

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