Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mount Trumpmore

Dear Curt,
I tried to grab one of my wives by the pussy, but unlike the other three, this one has an "INy" and I came away with nothing. I have small hands and keeping them to myself isn't an option, what should I do? Plz help Curt!!

Also, Since there are only 4 spots on Mt. Rushmore, which one should we ISIS off to make room for #45? Do we have to use the same filthy rock or can we use marble and gold? -Lenny, Salt Lake

Dear Lenny in Salt Lake,An iny? You might mean she's frigid.  That's a problem for every woman Curt has ever touched so I am very familiar with that. A fat bank account will help, but if you can't do that, just hang out with ugly people all the time.  DLowe used to love to hang with Curt back in the day for that very reason. 

Umm, Mount Rushmore will look awesome with a giant marble and gold Donald.  WTF did Teddy Roosevelt ever do? The Teddy Bear? Big deal.  Kids are into video games and the youtubes now, not teddy bears.  Time to Isis the hell out of at least two of those ancient heads.  Just leave Reagan and W intact up there. -Curt

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