Monday, November 21, 2016

Michael Flynn Loves All Foreigners, Even the Cancers

Dear Curt, 
A good friend of mine just got a job consulting for a big real estate mogul. He's going to learn him how to deal with foreigners. The problem is he’s been a paid consultant for other foreigners and has been sitting in on classified USA intelligence daily briefings for months. That means he just loves all foreigners, right?
Also, congrats to Lt. General Flynn (Middletown, RI!) for his new role as national security adviser. It sure is comforting to hear someone say all Muslims are dirty jihadists and should be feared.

Curt, I know you are a bit of a tech wizard. Why does my keyboard have an “ALT” button, but no “RIGHT” button? Is this just the communist Chinese computer leftists. Do I still will have to manually type out my own racist slurs again and again. I could be busy burning things. Isn’t this something a non-white immigrant should do for me? -Richard, Richmond
Dear Dick,Congrats to your new friend. He'll be earning and spending in the USA, making it great again!  I don't understand the complexities of business, or real estate or classified briefings or foreigners. What I do know is that Daisuke ripped off the Red Sox and now that Trump is in office, we'll be repaying the favor and ripping off foreign countries for a change 

Look if even .0001% of Muslims are jihadists, shouldn't we view that as 100% so we stay safe?  Even the Red Chinese know this. Better to be safe than sorry.  
Just use : ALT+CTRL+R - That stands for "The Alt-Right controls all." -Curt

PS. Trump University will give you a comprehensive education in everything.

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