Thursday, November 17, 2016

Killary Once Smothered a Litter of Kittens

Dear Curt,
A Facebook friend told me on Snapchat that President Trump is going to put Crooked Hillary in jail in his first 100 minutes in office. Where do you think she should go? Maximum security or a chain gang? I've heard since Obama let all those ISISists go free that Gitmo has lots of empty rooms with no email access. Can we waterboard or just electro-Pence that nasty woman? They want to be treated as equals, right?  

As a true-fact, I know she once smothered a litter of kittens with a pants suit. - Jimmer, Fall River
Dear Jimmer,
Killary should be prosecuted beyond the full extent of the law. Some think that being cleared of these charges was enough, but I think where there's smoke, there's fire and where there is fire there are emails from Crooked Hillary.  
It's pretty simple to me, if you put our Republic at risk because your server is hacked, you should be on trial for treason.  Government servers are super secure and NEVER get hacked, and when you break the law, you face the piper.  I'm also pretty sure that private email servers are mentioned in the bible as being a mortal sin.  As for punishment, do they still have firing squads in Texas? Louisiana? Not sure, I'll have to research that, but I think that's the best way to teach people about sound records management practices.  First it's a private email server, next it's storing paper records in a humid warehouse.  So I have to ask, where does it end?   -Curt

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